Dear Magnificent Readers,

I haven’t abandoned you. I simply have the flu and feel like crap. I’m also working on grad school re-applications. This personal statement is vexing, as I have no interest in baring my personal life to strangers and would simply prefer to discuss my work.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending as much time in bed sleeping. When not sleeping, I have been reading an absurd novel by Siri Hustvedt, What I Loved. It’s a real train-wreck of a book and mocking it has been keeping my spirits up.

I’m at work, though, as I don’t believe in taking sick days. Sick days interfere with the mechanism that drives my life, i.e. inertia.

This morning I continued my ongoing struggle with the CTA. I ran towards my bus, flagging it down so it would stay at the stop, but upon noticing that the bus was full, I refused to board it. This led to an altercation between the driver and I. She felt that since she had waited, I should board. I felt that I am not paying $2.00 to stand. I would wait for another bus with a seat. We couldn’t see eye to eye and bickered at one another until the combined heckling of the passengers forced her to drive off.

I can’t tell if I’m getting better as it’s impossible to tell how feverish I am by holding my hand to my forehead, and I don’t own a thermometer. It’s not the kind of thing I’d go out of my way to purchase.

More soon, when I’m less punch-drunk.

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