Not So Tiny Anymore

Some of you will recall Tiny, the kitten my co-worker, Sarah, saw on the sidewalk last winter. He was about a month old and screaming his head off. Afraid of scaring it off, and knowing that I have a knack for catching stray cats and getting them homes (usually mine), she called me up and demanded that I give up my lunch break to help her out. I reluctantly came to the address she mentioned, yanked the little monster up from off of the can of tuna I had brought, and took him to my place for some food and rehydration.

Sarah later gave him to a friend who ended up not being able to give Tiny the attention he needed. It turns out my neighbor’s cat passed away. I broached the idea of her taking Tiny in. After some thought and some photos, she caved.

Here he is now, less than a year old and not so Tiny anymore. His new name is Eddie.

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