The Writer’s Strike

OMG, guyz! Isn’t my little brother cute?

I’ve been trying to get him to send me pictures of him in case I start feeling sentimental over the holidays, but for some reason he refuses. Thank goodness for Friendster. He’s so paranoid and thinks I’ll mock him.

As if I’m going to mock my own flesh and blood!

With the ongoing WGA strike, Ameer isn’t going to be writing episodes of The Office any time soon. Normally, he’s very busy. I don’t know how he balances web design in NY with writing and acting on television in Los Angeles, but he’s always excelled at multi-tasking. With the Hollywood gigs off his plate for the moment, one would think he could be bothered to spend time with me over the holidays. Unfortunately, he’ll be in Egypt with our mother, ‘connecting with my roots.’

I cannot even begin to describe how ludicrous (and disappointing) this is to me. This kid grew up listening to INXS, not Um Kulthum. He never even knew how to speak Arabic. I hope he knows that when the Egyptians speak to him and he can’t answer back in the language, they’re going to think he’s retarded.

Well, Ameer. Enjoy your little vacation. Have fun watching our mother eat koshry with her mouth open instead of getting to hang with me. I know you two have always been close. In fact, I’ve often heard that you never punched her when you were in the womb. Make sure you get good and fucked up in Amsterdam on the layover if you plan on traveling long with her. I’ll see you in reruns.


2 Responses to “The Writer’s Strike”

  1. universallyhated Says:

    You can come to T-Giving with me at my friend Tom’s place. My mother will probably come also, which should make things interesting.I’m not sure what I’ll do for Christmas yet. Probably I’ll hang out with the Jews on Devon Street.

  2. darknessatnoon Says:

    Let’s talk about Thanksgiving. Christmas is in flux and sort of depends on David’s plans. But no matter what, I’ll be in Chicago for part of that vacation.

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