JJ Chinois

A college roommate of mine, Lynne Chan, making great art. I wish I could find her videos, Untitled/My Mama or her Tom of Finland homage, Faggot Cholo. JJ Chinois is a further evolution of Lynn’s interest in the essence of “boy” (and that’s a great Fischerspooner song, though her video is better than their official one). I recall her once going to the Buddha Lounge with Dat and being mistaken for a guy from behind by a balding West Hollywood queen: “Sorry, I thought you were a soft boy.” Obviously, she takes advantage of that at the start of this video. Her series of “Boy” photographs that she hung on the walls of the apartment were amazing. Obviously, sex didn’t matter. She knew that the essence of boy isn’t in a cum shot. The images she’d take would be able to extract the essence of boy out of a person and purify it. What impressed me to the point of jealousy was how she could identify all the various elements that go into producing boyness. Our friend Neha, another fucking brilliant artist as well as a Classics scholar who was less interested in gender than in the arboreal and the transnational, was never really able to get Lynne’s sense of humor, but few people have ever been able to make me laugh — in person and through art — as easily as she did.* Just her laugh could make me laugh. Come to think of it, it might have bugged if her she ever realized her how girly her laugh sounds.

* I love seeing Sayo’s weeping face superimposed over the keyboard toward the end of the video. In much the same way as Lynne’s laughter, Sayo’s tears move me to tears.

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