Countdown to The Wire

Readers of this blog probably watch The Wire, and if not, they ought to be watching it. McNulty et al. finally return tonight. This household has been on the verge of canceling cable and giving up tee vee altogether. It’s only been the expectation of this final season of the greatest novel to ever be written on television that has kept the subscription alive. Jeez, I’m even atingle at the thought of seeing Carcetti again even though it broke my heart to lose Stringer Bell.

A lot of people have smart things to say about The Wire, however the commenter I most is enjoyed (so far) is Marc Singer. Scott Kaufman just posted this entry on the sociological narrative structure of the show. Blueprint Blue also pointed me to this interesting Wire related blog.

Also, here are The Wire prequel teasers, including Young Prop Joe (1962), Young Omar (1985), and When Bunk Met McNulty (2000). Of course, my favorite is Omar’s.


6 Responses to “Countdown to The Wire”

  1. Zed Says:

    I’m looking forward to checking out the commentary you mentioned. Don’t miss this, where Simon jumps in on a discussion thread about whether The Wire is “too bleak.”

  2. Zed Says:

    Also — you must not miss the final scene of The Wire.No spoilers, I promise.

  3. darknessatnoon Says:

    I saw that this afternoon. I was taken by his opening: “Writing to affirm what people are saying about my faith in individuals to rebel against rigged systems and exert for dignity, while at the same time doubtful that the institutions of a capital-obsessed oligarchy will reform themselves short of outright economic depression (New Deal, the rise of collective bargaining) or systemic moral failure that actually threatens middle-class lives (Vietnam and the resulting, though brief commitment to rethinking our brutal foreign-policy footprints around the world). The Wire is dissent; it argues that our systems are no longer viable for the greater good of the most, that America is no longer operating as a utilitarian and democratic experiment. If you are not comfortable with that notion, you won’t agree with some of the tonalities of the show.”

  4. darknessatnoon Says:

    Ha! That final scene is great. Thanks.

  5. untoward Says:

    God Damn I love The Wire. I’ve been spacing out the 4th season, waiting for 5 to start airing. I guess it’s time to finish. I, like you, was devastated when they offed Stringer Bell.

  6. darknessatnoon Says:

    There’s a lot of promotional material available from HBO “on demand” if you’re a subscriber, and presumably as extras if you buy the dvd, that explains why he had to go. The reasoning was something like Stringer Bell was a reformer and the drug trade would not be reformed. Which is a fine thesis and all, however that’s really no excuse to deprive the viewing public of Idris Elba.

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