You Needn’t Narrate

My old friend, Sammy, moved to somewhere in Australia with his boyfriend, Brian. We were gmail chatting yesterday when he was interrupted by a talkative co-worker. I have the same problem with my boss, who feels the need to have conversations on the phone and then repeat them to me immediately afterwards even though I can hear everything that’s been said when he’s on the phone.

I want to make the following image my new desktop wallpaper at work.

I HEART Emma Frost. Yes, I know boobs don’t work like that,
but those are just chemical balls anyway. Rot in hell, Jean.

As a bonus reward to readers, I am adding a pictures of Emma and Scott in Golden Gate Park, dissing hippies.

Scott Summers, Narc

In the latest Uncanny X-Men someone is causing all of San Francisco to experience an acid flashback to the 60s.

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