Swingin’ Friday

I never wanted a drink more than Every.Night.This.Week.

It’s been hell. I tried to get today off by claiming I wanted to celebrate Good Friday. For some reason my boss didn’t believe me.

To celebrate this wonderful holy day and the end of the week, I offer up three swinging clips.

Number 1) From Darling, (1965), the Parisian party scene. This is a step-by-step manual on how to handle a dysfunctional relationship. I just read Muriel Spark’s The Public Image which is basically an homage to this movie and, in particular, this scene.

Number 2) From The Killing of Sister George, (1968), Beryl Reid’s character June Buckridge gets drunk and molests two nuns. This film has great footage of a 60’s lesbian club, unfortunately that scene isn’t available online.

Number 3) From Pedro Almodovar’s Dark Habits, when Almodovar still made good films! Here some nuns take in a trampy singer on the run from the police and drug dealers, shoot her up with heroin to calm her down, and come onto her as they coke her up. Contains lines such as “There is much beauty in physical deterioration. As a child I wanted to look haggard. But I never could. I was always very plump.”


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