Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?

The following short film, directed by my true love, Miguel Arteta (Star Maps, please come to dvd), and written by the surprisingly non art-damaged Miranda July, asks a good question. Mike White also appears.

I prefer the third answer. Oh, Chuy!

One Response to “Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?”

  1. Luches Says:

    Oh yes, I heart this film, teach it all the time, and use it in a performance I do about the soul-shattering effects of interrogation. What I love about it is the way that the “pollster” tries to dissolve the confidence of his interlocutors by asking them an “opinion” question that turns out not to be about the world but about whether they have an intimate connection to/in the world, whether they have impact, value. Then when the person of color comes by and refuses, thinking that he’s refusing the political, of course he is refusing it, because in the US the personal is the only place people learn to evaluate their impact.It’s a long story, too tired to narrate. But you asked!

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