A Double Wedding

Congratulations to Tucker Stone and Nina Miller!

I only know this pair from over the Internet. But they have completely won me over. They’re both staff-writers at the offices of The Factual Opinion. Tucker writes on a variety of cultural products, though he is best known for his column Comics of the Week (the really mean column), as well as This Ship Is Totally Sinking (the “industry” column) over at Comixology. He also conducts fascinating Stunt Casting interviews with non-comic book fans who are given a comic to read and then are questioned about their encounter with sub-cultural weirdness.

Nina is not-a-comic-book reader who writes The Virgin Read.* Every week, her editor assigns her new reading material for which she conducts a first time reader-analysis. Her struggle with the rules of superhero book and indie book styles is always cheerful and enchanting. I fear what might happen once she loses her virginity. Maybe she can whip up a Gary Coleman effect with some married virginity? Tucker’s columns are a lot more abrasive than Nina’s, but he’s a long-time comic book reader and with familiarity comes contempt. His contempt never fails to entertain. Sometimes he actually likes a comic or two, but that’s less entertaining for me. I eagerly await their return and look forward to a Special Issue Feature in which “Nina Goes to a Comic Convention.”

Apparently, in a massive coincidence, they are both getting married this Sunday. Who they are each marrying, I have no clue! How will they make it to each other’s wedding? Perhaps it’s a double-wedding?

In principle, I Am Against Marriage. Marriage should be outlawed for gays and straights, for only then — when nobody can do it — will it ever be truly sacred. Yet, I am willing to feel happiness for such talented writers and exceptions can be made in their cases.

*The label links need to be tweaked since only one of her columns appears to come up. But there are many great ones already posted.

One Response to “A Double Wedding”

  1. Tucker Stone Says:

    I love you, and although I can’t wake up Nina so she can tell you she loves you too, as it is 4:44 in the AM after a bachelor party in Atlantic City, rest assured that you will hear from her sometime tomorrow.

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