I’d Tap That

Josef F. ignited controversy yesterday when he casually mentioned that he’d “tap that,” in reference to Anthony Stuart Head’s Rocky Horror performance.

I support his declaration, and I, too, would tap that. Head’s got loads of sex-appeal in those fishnets. I wouldn’t object to some intergenerational copulation with him. Even if only for the bad puns.

However, the question arises: What is his agent thinking? Absolutely, there is a good living in only having sub-cultural cachet, and Head doesn’t seem infected with the torrid disease of ambition. Is it intentional, though? I wonder, did Head give strict instructions to his management to stick to coffee commercials, free cable channel cult television shows and Rocky Horror revivals?


One Response to “I’d Tap That”

  1. Josef F Says:

    Anybody who says that they would not Tap A.S.H here is lying.

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