Does Kitty Pryde Need Her Mouth Washed Out With Soap?

I was recently involved in a skirmish on the Comic Book Resources Forum by asking a tongue-in-cheek question about a serious issue.

The following is the post I made, and then I will discuss responses to it.

Kitty Pryde is one of those smart-mouths who shoots their little potty mouths off at their elders. It started off with her calling the man who saved her life a “Jerk,” but it certainly didn’t end there.

This is how she speaks to her ballet teacher.

Oh, you better run little girl!

Then she dropped the n-bomb on a fellow student.

Which, I guess, was okay. Kitty is allowed to be racist when others are close-minded?

Of course, there was her famous eulogy where she decided to try to offend and shame everyone in the audience.


How do you feel about Chris Claremont using a 13 year old girl as his racist mouth piece?

Should Storm have washed her mouth out with soap early on? Wasn’t there a Commandant Kitty in Excalibur? I know I remember CC crossing the line with alternate reality, Concentration Camp Kitty.

And now in New Exiles, we have Blackface Kitty.

Enough is enough! When a teenager crosses the Language Line like that, punishment is required. Otherwise, you’ll get bratty little adults who think it’s ok to smart off to the boss!


The reaction to this was legendary.

The Europeans accused me of political correctness:

I knew abou faggot, but Spic is new to me… I wonder if as a spanish I get to be a Spic or do you have a special insult to europeans?

To write n**** word does not make sense to me… Is it that bad that you can not even write it when talking about the subject?


America is the most PC nation in the world…

There must be a different, more radical, kind of youtube in Europe.

Many of CC’s black fans were up in arms about my “carefully cropping” and selecting the images. Yes, I only used images where she says “Nigger.”

Context was all important. When Kitty uses nigger, spic, etc., she’s at the funeral for a mutant student who had killed himself because people had called him names. Awwwww. Thanks for your very special funeral speech, Kitty. It was practically the Gettysburg Address. Honestly, Claremont, under no circumstances does one speak that way at a funeral unless one is a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. But “context” is king. It pre-exists my panel selection.
Here is CC’s wisdom on display:

Who was he then, that we gather together to mourn him? Who am I? A four-eyed, flat chested, brat, chick, brain, hebe, stuck up Xavier’s freak! Don’t like the words? I could use nicer. I’ve heard worse, who here hasn’t? So often, so casually, maybe we’ve forgotten the power they have to hurt. Nigger, spic, faggot, mutie, the list is so long and so cruel. They’re labels, put down-downs. And they hurt.

I’ve heard that spicy food makes a man’s cum taste sweet. Same with context. Enough of it and CC is able to drop a palatable monthly load down thousands of reader’s throats.

Of course it went out of control when I suggested that CC himself, Guardian of POCs (People of Color), was a racist. After all, why couldn’t I see that Kitty was just trying to show that the word mutie, in the context of the story, was just as hurtful as nigger? Never mind that mutie ridiculously sounds like “cutie.” It’s a good thing she can go intangible, because that kind of pedagogy is a good way to get your face broken. Obviously, I must have been “trolling” the discussion with that kind of willful misunderstanding of CC’s wonderful intentions.

I objected to CC’s shock tactics to make a trite, after school special, point, viz., “intolerance is bad,” as well as to keep his comic in the number 1 slot. Do you really think he was trying to spread peace on earth and good-will towards men?

Yes, of course, CC, black people should continue to bear the burden of representation for all minorities, even fictional ones! Claremont is the only comic writer I know who can script the word “nigger” and still delude himself into thinking he’s Martin Luther King Jr.

His African-American following is especially disturbing, but I was glad to see that a few black comic fans found these panels unacceptable “in context” and out.

At an early point, we explored the question of Libertarianism since CC is a Libertarian who over-privileges the autonomy (ooops, I mean “sovereignty”) of the self. It upset some people when I called Libertarians a business-worshipping religious cult, and suggested that Slavery was a business the Libertarian Party would have had no problem deregulating. ‘How dare you discuss politics,’ came the outcry! Those Sado-Libertarians LOVE blacks, though they do not agree it’s OK to regulate forms of discrimination, such as Whites Only Signs, etc… .

One guy with a Heath Ledger in Joker mascara avatar felt qualified enough as an arbiter of aesthetic judgment to suggest that it was in “bad taste” to attack CC for what he had written 20 years ago. The 20 years ago thing came up again and again, as one defender of CC wrote:

You guys do realize these stories were told 25 years ago, yes?

Do you know what comics were like at that time, let alone society…

Ah yes, comics 25 years ago. I remember. Every week I’d go hiking in Santa Monica to look at the latest paintings on the cave walls.

When I had the temerity to suggest that the context-lovers were ignoring their viscera and sublimating their reaction to the panels in a futile quest for some consolation, an undergraduate had the nerve to lecture me on Anthropology! He objected to my use of the word hymen in reference to ethnographies. “Hymen is not a technical anthropological term,” he cried out. Foul! Foul! He would know since he’s read 8 ethnographies and his professor is widely published. A Jean Grey fan with a Greg Land drawn avatar was angry that I would use sexualized language like Hymen. Yes, someone represented with Porn Star Jean Grey felt that I did not sound sufficiently professorial and objective. Hymens have no place in academic speech!

Claremontian Scum lecturing me on literary/anthropological criticism? It’s really too absurd.*

I feel I need to cleanse my palate. Discussing Chris Claremont and Reginald Hudlin recently has been like a toxic overload. I can feel my T-Cell count plummeting in the vicinity of their comic books. Thank God, I just read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Margaret Atwood, you are the AZT to my Claremontian auto-immune deficiency! More on her lovely piece of fiction shortly.

*special thanks to Ben and Josef F. for standing up to retarded Creator Worship.


One Response to “Does Kitty Pryde Need Her Mouth Washed Out With Soap?”

  1. Ameer Says:

    Well said. It’s stunning the lengths people will go to defend childhood idols like Chris Claremont or Jesus.

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