Coming Soon

Coming soon, I will be blogging again.

Boy, appendicitis sure knocks a guy for a loop!

According to the surgeon, I was likely entering into states of fevered delirium for up to two weeks before the little monster inside me almost burst. This makes sense. I had verbalized my recent”confusion” and “sluggishness” to friends. The night before the serious attack that brought me to the hospital, a friend gave me a shoulder rub. She couldn’t believe how tense my back muscles were. I pointed out that I’d always been a stress-case, but I did feel some alarm at the high degree of relief a simple shoulder rub gave me. I mean, I was flying! My whole body was vibrating.

Surgery was uneventful except that I woke up yelling at them to get off me (it was a reaction to the intubation tube down my throat). The only “issue” came after I got out and was recovering from the general anesthetic. The nurse had me on a saline drip, which made me have to pee every three minutes. Peeing wasn’t exactly easy with a big gash in my abdomen and lots of morphine in my system. After two hours of this — haranguing her to take it out — I flat out told her that if she didn’t “turn off the damn drip, I’m going to tear this IV out of my arm!” She finally complied.

Well, the post-surgery pain is almost gone. I’m unstooped and walking around again like a normal person sans pain killers. I spent most of my recovery week watching Lost on DVD. I wanted to see what the phenomenon is all about. After years of watching Alias, the Lost melodrama, the sickly sentimental romance, the man-shouldered women, the tragic twists, the Joseph Campbell religious/scientific iconography , the exact same emotionally manipulative music, and the catch-phrases (“Dude!” “Kate … wait!” and “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”), were pretty second nature. Which doesn’t mean I missed out on the impact of the show. Lost is basically a better version of Gilligan’s Island — itself a better version of Robinson Crusoe, which is basically a really long To-Do List.

Allergies aren’t great, though. I am sneezing so hard I could shit.

Once I get some personal and work stuff out of the way, I’ll be back to bombarding my loyal readers with opinions.

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