Once I Really Listened, the Noise Just Went Away

I’ve been hearing this song in my head for a week now. Perhaps it’s because I gave up coffee and sleeping pills, my mind is reaching out for something else to comfort me. I realized when thinking about the lyrics that the moments in my life when I’ve always felt the most anticipation are when I’m in a plane that’s landing and the earth looks like it was lit from within. That feeling quickly gets shoved aside in the rush to position oneself for a smooth exit out to the baggage claim (or to waiting areas where friends and family used to be allowed to wait), but for a few moments you can just feel potentiality breaking out all over the place. I’d love to actually be able to play this song when I’m landing somewhere, but that’s always when the stewardess comes by to make me put my music away. Luckily, my brain has apparently adapted to play music without a crutch.

3 Responses to “Once I Really Listened, the Noise Just Went Away”

  1. Ali Says:

    Wow. I never knew there was a video for this song. I like it.I’ve also wanted to hear this song while I’m landing but you’re right – that’s when the music has to be put away. Actually, listening to any song would make landing more enjoyable. Eventually all iPod headphones will be wireless and they’ll just give up enforcing that stupid rule.

  2. darknessatnoon Says:

    I know. I just found it today. There’s also a pretty good one for Jealousy. I laughed when I saw the section where she parodies Galaxy 500 videos. I think wireless headphones would really send stewards and stewardesses into a tizzy. “No radiowaves!”

  3. Zed Says:

    I always think of that song when I’m landing in Chicago. What an absurdly ordered view of the world. As though the lines of latitude and longitude on the globe were cut into the surface of the planet.Philadelphia is a hole. A month here would make you take back everything bad you’ve ever said about Chicago.

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