Chris Claremont Threatens Fan

‘Shape up or I’ll kill your favorite character!’

Sage fans tend to be scary. Online they discuss their latest face tattoos, their favorite techno-death metal and their forthcoming suicide attempts. Her hardcore following has been up in arms over the new pirate costume with the golden bra, her ratty hair, the sudden ability to fly and her new multiple personality disorder. CC even wants to make her a blonde! Since they are the only thing left of CC’s fan base, their recent defection has been sharper than a serpent’s tooth. CC isn’t taking it well.

Dear Luana —

I’m truly sorry you feel this way and I wish I had an appropriate instant solution that might restore Sage to a more appropriate presentation. But from the writer’s perspective, one can only follow one’s own instincts and hold to what is most true (especially in terms of a character like Sage, who hasn’t been bounced around the creative neighborhood as often as, say, Logan) to my vision and conception of her and how I want to challenge it and thereby evolve. Forgive me if I’m restating something you might be well aware of, but my intent here is to confront her with a vision of herself, and her role in things, that she’s studiously dodged her whole life — namely, her emotions. She can’t lock them down any longer; she has to find a way to strike a balance with herself and utilize all her assets to combat the imposition of Roma’s memories. Most of the other characters face external battles (with the exception perhaps of Morph); hers, by contrast, are internal.

All I can really offer is the homily (cliche though it may be) that I’ll keep trying ’til I get it right, whatever “right” turns out to be. The one supremely great advantage held by “Exiles” as opposed to the core Marvel titles is that stories, and characters, can come to an end. Life here has consequence, and finality — even though the hardest part of it may be the writer (or artist, or both) finding themselves forced to say goodbye to a character they may love. Death is part of the story here and when characters come to that end, they don’t come back. Not so hard when they’re comparative strangers; significantly harder when they’re visions of one’s bedrock creations. That’s the challenge, coming up with moments worthy of the characters, and worthy of the audience.

As I said, I’m sorry what’s happening with Sage has taken the character away from one whose life you want to follow. I hope find better fortune with other characters and other books. But please give us a look from time to time; who knows, we might surprise you.

Best wishes,

Chris Claremont

Impressive. He’s basically telling “Luana” to step off before he writes in Sage’s death. He’s done this many times before. When the Nocturne fans turned on him, he gave her a stroke. When the Dazzler fans attacked, he put a hole through her head. In fact, CC went completely ballistic over Dazzler, and resurrected her several times in a few issues just so that he could kill her Over and Over Again. This blogger highly recommends that Sage fans start watching the tone they take with His Majesty, Chris Claremont.

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