Guest columnist, Josef F., from the UK, discusses his latest musical recommendation – ‘Black Butta.’

Beverley Knight’s latest auditory tour de force, whilst being a vocal masterclass, disguises what can only be referred to as “An ode to being a black woman.” With the recent criticisms of certain black artists being “Too white,” such as Beyonce’s “Loreal-gate,” it is refreshing to see not only an artist embracing who she is, but to do so, with such a Boxfresh* sound. The song itself soars from a Husky verse into a rousing, belted chorus, which can only cause one response in the red blooded man – Spontaneous Dance. All in all, Beverley Knight’s latest contribution to the music world, is, quite frankly, echelons above most of the recent drivel we have been receiving.

*Boxfresh- Word originated by Danni Minogue on Saturday 18th show of X factor.

One Response to “Boxfresh”

  1. jester1436 Says:

    Why, it’s Beverley Knight sounding like Tina Turner.Not a bad effort, not sure it’s “Flavour Of The Old School,” “Made It Back,” “Greatest Day,” “Get Up,” or “Come As You Are” quality, but yay “Black Butta” and being a strong black woman.

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