The Great De-Lurking

I’m making some changes, so I’d like some idea as to who reads this blog and why. How did you get here? Why do you stay? Reader emails indicate that I have several different constituencies. I’m working on some changes to the format (possibly even the site address), and would like to get a better sense of my silent interlocutors because we’re going to professionalize this shit. I have statcounter embedded in this thing. I know you are reading. Usually the ones googling “Arab + Penis” or “Underage Boy + Sex” or “Burqa + Virgin” come from Saudi Arabia or Iran (seriously!). The googlers come and go. My little brother has several stalkers who arrive here occasionally. I can guess who the guy is who arrives here by googling my name from Marshall, MI. I can tell some are probably academics. Is the person reading this from Berkeley, Judith Butler?! Is Terry Castle‘s girlfriend, Blakey, still reading, ready to tell me off for snarking at her girlfriend? Blakey, I love the Wikipedia entry you wrote for yourself. Listing the dogs as children was an incredibly poignant touch!

The folks linking from different blogs seem to become regulars. If my mom is reading this, I want to know! Please introduce yourselves, and if you happen to know how I can upload jpegs into the blogger header, share your knowledge.


14 Responses to “The Great De-Lurking”

  1. Ameer Says:

    I am your little brother. I have your blog bookmarked, but sometimes I visit through Google when I’m visiting from another computer. I think your blog is normally brilliant, although sometimes devolves into navel-gazing, and that this is a particularly self-absorbed entry. Happy Birthday (almost)!

  2. darknessatnoon Says:

    So, you don’t know anything about uploading jpegs?Typically useless.

  3. Tucker Stone Says:

    I read for that kind of funny back and forth. Just keep doing that.”this is a particularly self-absorbed entry.””Typically useless.”More, please.I don’t know shit about jpegs neither.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I read this blog to keep informed on the issues of the day, also for “arab penis”. I don’t know anything about embedding jpegs. This blog needs more links to product by the authour, such as published books, and perhaps a button for paypal Greenshoes713

  5. az Says:

    I have no idea about jpgs either. Hang on. Does this help? It might be out of date, I don’t use Blogger. Anyhow, onto the market research questionnaire: I arrived via LB and continued reading because you’re a complete bitch and your posts make me laugh. Professionalization sounds dire.

  6. Milla Says:

    yeah yeah. egomaniac.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I forget how exactly I chanced upon this blog but I check it every week or so now. I enjoy your writing style, the biographical sketches, the anecdotes of academia. I even read the comic book criticism even though I’ve never read one and don’t plan to start.

  8. darknessatnoon Says:

    Thanks for the responses so far! Adam – I’ll try to keep mentioning Arab penis for you. If you feel like paypaling me some money, I’m down with that. We’ll do all our math in Euros to make it more convenient for you.”AZ” – Please start writing on YOUR blog again. Professionalization is definitely a bitch. Anonymous – My comic book entries are in no way meant to encourage my readers to ever buy one. Milla, my love — Whenever I read your “egomaniac” comment, I just hear it in the “Womanizer” voice. Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer. Egomaniac, Egomaniac, Egomaniac. Keep the commentary coming. I feel authorized, so far, to make cosmetic changes to the blog as long as I keep the Spirit of it alive.

  9. M Christie Says:

    I arrived via Supervalent Thought and stayed for the funny, bitchy confessional stories and analyses of comics. For an image with your title, go to Layout then Page Elements and then edit the ‘Header’. From there you can experiment with adding an image.

  10. moho Says:

    I have just found your blog after much searching, and will be adding you to my RSS FEED! That’s like, second base.Love,FinnyPS I want a stat counter that alerts me of such creepy things! Do tell.Sylvester says, for the JPG in your header: Go to settings, then the layout tab, and go to where it says “yourblogname” (Header). Hit edit and a configure header window should pop up, where you can replace the header with an image. And you can have text in front of it, too.Hope that helps!

  11. darknessatnoon Says:

    M. Christie, Thanks. I know that blogger is allergic to gifs (it’s actually a gif I’m trying to upload), so I followed your advice and tried to link from photobucket. No joy :(Hey! I was wondering if you’d heard the Stars album? It’s like an homage to Prefab Sprout (as my cousin tells me he explained MONTHS AGO on his blog). Mo and Syl! How can my blog be that hard to find? We’re facebook linked. It’s right there! What’s Sylvester’s blog since he seems to know how to use it? I tried to do what he said (since Michael had mentioned it also), but I can’t seem to get my gif up there. I can get up there as a big honking jpeg that blocks the title … so that’s at least some progress!

  12. moho Says:

    Lol, you can find his blog at: sylcmyk.blogspot.comGood luck! I’m excited for a new layout.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You linked Josef’s entry on CBR. I read it because you’re you.-waterlily

  14. Jed Says:

    I bookmarked it when timbox linked it from CBR and this is my first true visit, I promise to come back regularly. Mostly becuz I think you are one of the funniest people I’ve ever typed at. And you remind me of Emma. In the best possible way.

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