Fuck Me Songs


7 Responses to “Fuck Me Songs”

  1. Milla Says:

    sorry for being a simpleton, but is it possible to get a text list of song/artist/album for those of us reading this at work? it’s not that i mind when others broadcast “fuck me videos” on their monitors, but my boss might. thanks, bye!

  2. darknessatnoon Says:

    Good point, Milla. Done! Never say I don’t cater to reader requests.

  3. Milla Says:

    thank you, nice person. i can die happy now.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    OMG! Josef mentioned my choices! ❤ although I am not convinced he knows who Shark Vegas and Fela Kuti are.Also, when my opinions were requested, I was not aware that they were going to be used in the context of "Best Songs to Have Sordid Homosexual Sex To". I feel I have been tricked.your friend, JAU

  5. darknessatnoon Says:

    Are you of the exalted opinion that you are not sordid? Because that’s not what I’ve heard.

  6. moho Says:

    An interesting list. Perhaps this will be my list after I’m as experienced as Josie, but for now, I’m not crazy about such choices.I do enjoy numbers seven (Queer), five (Do Me Bay), and the quintessential three, Love to Love You Baby. Clearly slower, less frantic songs; but I do enjoy number two a lot. So much so that I’ll go ahead and get the album which I cannot believe I don’t have.And number one is just horrid. Clearly, Josie and I will never have Sordid Homosexual Sex. Possibly intense make out sessions to Donna Summers, though!

  7. Seresecros Says:

    Are these songs suitable for sordid female homosexual sex?

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